Free Webinar – How to cope with CyberSecurity & Data Protection threats in a digital world

Cybersecurity and data protection are two incredibly important topics in the modern digital age. There are constant threats all around us, meaning you need to know how to improve cybersecurity and keep data safe. Consequently, this free webinar by JVR Consultancy – and organised by the University of Portsmouth – is exactly what you need to stay on top of everything!

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A webinar led by Steven Sandhu and Tom Hayes from JVR Consultancy

The webinar itself will take place on 2nd March at 1 pm and will run for a whole hour. Anyone can register for the event, all you have to do is click this link to get your digital tickets. The full agenda can be found below:

1. Introduction and meet JVR Consultancy
2. What is this thing called data?
3. Data Protection and Compliance (It’s not all about GDPR)
4. What does Cyber Security means to your business and brand?
5. Medical devices – let’s talk about the risks
6. Free GAP Analysis – JVR Consultancy are here to support you
7. Q&A – closing

You’ll enjoy 30 minutes of content on cybersecurity and data protection, along with a further 30 minutes going over some FAQs. If you’re interested in participating in this webinar, click this link to register your interest today!

About JVR Consultancy

JVR Consultancy is the speaker for this free webinar, bringing a host of industry experience for you to hear. The company are experts in compliance accreditations and audits, becoming one of the most accomplished compliance advisory consultancies in the UK. They have a reputation for developing, implementing and supporting top-quality, fully-integrated, Management Systems for all of their clients.

The business was founded in 2008 by a team of compliance consultants that aimed to support various businesses across rail, construction, utilities and the oil and gas sectors. Over 135 years of collective experience makes JVR Consultancy one of the best in the game. When it comes to compliance with regulations – such as data protection – they are the company that can help your business get all the documents and measures in place.

With the upcoming free webinar, JVR Consultancy is keen to help support the SIGHT Programme, providing guidance on managing medical devices – with a focus on cybersecurity and GDPR.

The work provided by JVR for SIGHT extends beyond the webinar on March 2nd. On their website, they also have content to help businesses understand the ins and outs of cybersecurity and data protection. Some of the key things covered by the team include:

  • Ensuring all Medical Devices have cybersecurity defences
  • Ensuring all Medical Devices are GDPR compliant
  • Ensuring manufacturers and suppliers comply with regulations
  • Ensuring that the SME itself is compliant with UK medical regulations

JVR can also give businesses a chance to become ISO certified as they are experts in delivering ISO management systems that are tailored specifically to your business.

What is the SIGHT Programme?

SIGHT is a business support programme developed by the University of Portsmouth to provide help and guidance to small and medium-sized businesses in the healthcare technology sector. It stands for Supporting Innovation and Growth in Healthcare Technologies.

The aim of the programme is to enhance competitiveness within the healthcare sector for SMEs, giving insight and specific evidence required to ensure their products meet real market needs. Furthermore, guidance is provided to help SMEs expand in new healthcare markets and grow into bigger entities.

There are three key stages to the SIGHT Programme:

  • Stage 1 – Identifying and supporting opportunities for growth
  • Stage 2 – Engagement with expertise and experience
  • Stage 3 – Supporting steps towards commercialisation

Alongside this, there is a SIGHT Grant Award Scheme for companies that are members of the programme. This includes a 25% intervention rate for business development costs, with a maximum award of £25,000. As such, this can support many costs – such as IP protection, marketing, CE marking consultancy fees and clinical/public trials.

Why Should You Attend This FREE Webinar?

For starters, it is completely free, so you don’t have to pay a penny. It’s also only an hour-long, so it won’t take up a lot of your time and you can carry on with your schedule before and after. It’s incredibly convenient, but it will also be highly beneficial for the successful running of your business.

This webinar gives you a chance to learn how your SIGHT business can handle and protect all the data you will access and process. It will explain exactly what data is and why it is so important, before taking a deep dive into GDPR compliance, helping you understand what your business can do to comply and avoid hefty fines or penalties.

There will also be a lot of highly useful information on cybersecurity and the digital threats that exist in our current world. Learning what these threats are and how your business can protect against them is absolutely essential, especially when we’re talking about data.

The webinar will conclude with a whole series of frequently asked questions that should cover everything you need to know about cybersecurity and data protection. You’ll leave the webinar knowing a lot more about how these things impact your business, why you should care about them, and what you can do to protect your company and all the personal data you process. Plus, you also have a chance to ask your own questions, ensuring all bases are covered.

At the end of the day, it only takes one cyber attack to cripple your business and ruin your brand’s reputation. You can avoid all of this by simply attending a free one-hour webinar. While it might seem like not a lot of time to cover such an important topic, you are going to gain so much valuable information that will help your business grow and avoid a major catastrophe.

Register For The Free Webinar Today

Do you want to improve your business and avoid the devastation that cyberattacks can leave on an SME like yours? Register your interest for the free webinar today over on Eventbrite. Again, you can do this by clicking the link here and following the steps to register for your free digital ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers

Achieve Accreditation and Compliance with JVR

JVR Consultancy was formed in the year 2008 and their head office is based in Windsor and Maidenhead. We noticed that there was a gap in the market, for companies who work in the construction, rail, utilities, oil and gas sector who were not fully supported in the way that they could be when it came to industry compliance and certification. That is why our highly experienced team of compliance consultants can serve these sectors by providing over 135 years of combined experience with all compliance needs. In short, you won’t find anyone else who cares as much, or who tries as hard as we do.

Speak with one of our experienced consultants. At JVR, we know that time is precious, and you want the answers to your questions quickly, especially during an audit!. Once we speak with you for the first time over the phone, we need around 10 minutes to fully evaluate which accreditation you need support with and a brief introduction into you and your company.

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