Remote free gap analysis during Covid-19

At JVR, we can help your business to achieve the certification required to grow your business. To help identify the areas that may need improving, we offer a no obligation free gap analysis to all our clients.

While the coronavirus outbreak has caused many companies to charge extra for such services, we still believe that it is important to offer a free gap analysis. We also believe that now could be the perfect time to take advantage of such a service.

Below we explain what a gap analysis is, how it can benefit you and why now is the time to get one done.

What is a gap analysis?

Every company has weaknesses or ‘gaps’ in its performance  and business processes – gaps that could be preventing your business to grow and win new business, resulting in attaining certification within your industry. A gap analysis aims to find these gaps so that they can be filled. This could include updating your current management systems with the latest industry policies and procedures, adopting new technology, putting in place new practices or investing in the training of new skills for you and your staff.

Our experienced consultants at JVR Consultancy can help you to achieve accreditation by looking at all the individual requirements needed and helping you to meet these requirements. You can read our guide ‘What Is A Gap Analysis?’ for more information.

How can a gap analysis benefit me?

Most companies conduct a gap analysis in order to achieve some form of accreditation. In many industries such as Rail, Construction, Utilities and Oil and Gas, it is essential that you are a fully accredited company if you hope to win over the biggest and most lucrative clients. This is because accreditation is a sign of trust – it shows that your business has had to meet certain high standards and that your company is potentially more capable of handling high profile contracts.

JVR Consultancy keeps your long-term goals in mind so that you’re achieving the right accreditation. This guide ‘What is a gap analysis and how will JVR’s report benefit me’ delves more into the benefits.

Why get a gap analysis during COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many companies to reduce their current business operation or close altogether. This had freed up a lot of time and resources to focus on reorganisation and restructuring. As a result, now could be the perfect time to conduct a gap analysis as you have the time to think ahead and think about your business growth, post COVID-19.

A gap analysis will show you where you need to make improvements in order to achieve your desired certification. If you’re not likely to relaunch your business until after covid-19, now could be an ideal period to make these improvements while you’re not busy with other matters. A gap analysis can often be a job that is put off – this leads to companies never achieving their dream accreditation. It makes sense to get it done now while you have the free time.

Our free gap analysis is carried out remotely. We have been working remotely with clients for 11 years – long before the covid-19 crisis – and so we are more than capable of doing a thorough assessment without having to plan an on-site visit and put you at risk.

Why choose JVR Consultancy?

JVR consultancy is one of the most accomplished compliance advisory consultancies in the UK. We have in-depth knowledge in industries such as Construction, Rail, Utilities and GDPR (some of our consultants have previous experience as Achilles auditors). Our expertise ensures that no aspect of your business is overlooked.

Our compliance consultants can advise you on everything from Achilles BuildingConfidence to RISQS compliance. Our free gap analysis is just the first step – after this, we’ll help you every step of the way in helping to improve your business and meet your certification targets.

We provide a free gap analysis because we believe it is important to assess the needs of a business before setting any fixed price project.

For a free gap analysis report request, fill in our form and one of our specialist consultants will contact you as soon as possible.