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Achieve Rail RISQS (RSSB) Accreditation with JVR Consultancy’s Expert Guidance for Your Business

RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification scheme) is a scheme run by the railway industry, for the railway industry. RISQS is the supplier assurance programme of the Railway Safety and Standards Board (RSSB). It has been specially designed always to have the best interests of rail buyers and suppliers at the forefront of its qualifications.

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Why Become RISQS accredited?

Are you supplying products or services to the railway industry? If so, you should seriously consider becoming a railway industry supplier qualification scheme accredited company. This accreditation provides you with a simple way to showcase the sheer quality of your products and services to buyers within the railway industry, potentially boosting contracts, sales and overall profits.

RISQS Accreditation

The scheme has over 90 buyer members, including prominent names like Network Rail and Transport for London https://www.risqs.org/buyers/risqs-member-list/. The scheme aims to help these influential brands do business confidently, knowing that their suppliers are of the best quality possible. The scheme actively helps such companies to find suitable suppliers, with the right capabilities, at the right time.

Becoming RISQS approved means that your company can now demonstrate its capabilities and gain visibility as quality suppliers who can be trusted.

How JVR Consultancy can help you

The scheme is owned and run by the RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board). It comprises several audit modules with the Core Module as the only mandatory requirement. Other modules include Sentinel, CDM, Safe Work Planner, On Track Plant, On-Track Plant Operations Scheme, medical, and Drug & Alcohol testing.

At JVR Consultancy, we support rail industry businesses getting the licensing they need. We pride ourselves with a 100% success rate in helping companies that use our services get the accreditation they need when writing. We achieve the 100% success rate by completing the following –

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