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Achieve Achilles Link-Up Accreditation with Expert Guidance from JVR Consultancy

Achilles are now helping the UK Network Rail industry with ‘Link-Up’ – this is a supplier registration and pre-qualification system used by buyers in all areas of the transport sector to have up-to-date and validated supplier information, and to procure efficiently in accordance with UK regulations.

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What is Achilles qualification?

Qualification is the process of determining whether a supplier or potential provider meets a set of predetermined criteria. The RISQS (Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) is specifically designed to assist rail firms with each of these areas of supplier assurance.

Achilles Link-Up Accreditation

Choosing Link-Up over other assurance providers enables suppliers and buyers to have a far more individualised approach to supplier assurance while also assuring full compliance with specific industry criteria. Link Up’s features include membership packages that are tailored to satisfy the assurance needs of purchasers while also meeting the industry’s set requirements, among others.

Previously, purchasers in the UK rail industry could only acquire assurance services through RISQS. The RSSB, on the other hand, has just approved Link Up as a viable alternative to RISQS for modern rail industry purchasers.

Achilles Rail (Link-Up) Information

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