At JVR Consultancy, we are fully aware of the legal requirements that are required within the Construction sector along with the risks that are associated. To ensure that we support and advise with best practices and provide the most up to date advice, we pride ourselves on putting your business needs at the forefront of becoming certified within your desired accreditation.

The construction industry faces several regulatory compliance challenges, and for suppliers, this is important and is vital to keeping abreast of changing laws. This can vary from health and safety of the workforce, the lawfulness of construction contracts and policies as well as the desired and appropriate building materials and products.
JVR Consultancy adopts all construction standards and certifications, supporting by training and best practice models for sustained improvement to enable businesses to operate legally within the parameters that have been set for their desired accreditation, as well as pre-empting and placing defence procedures in place for any future investigations and or penalties.

Companies have no alternative but to ensure they are compliant to the industries regulatory accreditation’s, it’s a legal requirement. For those that don’t follow the law, tough penalties await to be imposed. It is the company’s responsibility to implement the correct regulations within their business.

Contact us to discuss any requirements you may have and to arrange your free gap analysis report to determine what next steps are required to becoming fully compliant within your desired certification.

Contact us to arrange your free gap analysis report

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