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JVR Consultancy: Expert Guidance for ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Certification Success

ISO 45001 is an international standard concerning occupational health and safety. It’s the first international standard pertaining to occupational health and safety, providing a clear framework for any organisation that wants to improve its health and safety in the workplace.

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ISO 45001 covers all aspects of health in the workplace, including physical, mental, and cognitive health. The standard is based on improving processes, whereas former benchmarks for occupational health and safety have focused on procedures. organisations looking to improve occupational health and safety might be newly implementing ISO 45001 or might be migrating from the previous standard, OHSAS 18001.

ISO 45001 Requirements

ISO 45001 can be used to establish an effective occupational health and safety management system. While there is no requirement to adhere to the standard, it can be an excellent benefit for organisations in many ways. It’s suitable for organisations of all shapes and sizes, and in some cases will go beyond what the law requires to make your workplace safe.

ISO 45001 provides a structured framework for ensuring occupational health and safety. It is heavily informed by OHSAS 18001 but isn’t just an update or revision of the previous standard. The framework helps organisations to ensure their management structure follows the right guidelines to improve health and safety and create a safer workplace. Once changes have been made, an audit is carried out to confirm that the organisation is working within the framework and award ISO 45001 certification.

ISO 45001 Information

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