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Managing Medical devices
CyberSecurity & GDPR for SIGHT SMEs

JVR Consultancy are one of the most accomplished compliance advisory consultancies in the UK, with a reputation of over ten years of developing, implementing, and supporting top quality, fully integrated Management Systems for our clients. We pride ourselves on our 100% success rate, having always passed every audit for our customers.

We provide expert consultancy of managing medical devices. This includes each stage through the lifecycle following the asset’s procurement and includes Supplier Management – assessment of their compliance (clinical, data protection and cybersecurity), testing, installation, monitoring, support and maintenance, training, tracking, replacement, and disposal.

The work we provide will ensure that adequate controls are in place to confirm that compliance requirements are met, and that robust governance is in place, such as:

  • Ensure the Medical Devices have Cyber Security defences.
  • Ensure the Medical Devices data processed is GDPR compliant.
  • Supplier Management, making sure that the manufacturer complies with their regulations.
  • Ensure that you are compliant with UK medical regulations as a user of medical devices.

As well as providing support for Cyber Security, GDPR and Medical Devices, JVR Consultancy also provides an efficient, affordable route to becoming ISO certified, and are experts in the delivery of ISO management systems that are prepared and tailored to your business. Book a free GAP Analysis with one of our consultants for your business today.

JVR Consultancy are proud to support the SIGHT PROGRAMME (Supporting Innovation and Growth in Healthcare Technologies).


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