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Achieve Achilles TransQ Global Accreditation with Expert Guidance from JVR Consultancy

Building on Achilles’ twenty year experience in the Rail industry, and working with Buyers such as Trafikverket, Swedavia and Marine Harvest in the Nordics, Achilles have launched a new community specifically created for the transport industry called: TransQ Global.

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What is TransQ Global?

This new supplier assurance and pre-qualification scheme will bring together Buyers and Suppliers from across the Transport sector to meet the evolving assurance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) needs, and create a multi modal approach to global opportunities and supply chain management.

Achilles has many cross community transport customers including, Manchester Airports Group, ABB and Peel Ports. TransQ Global will bring together transport buyers and suppliers to facilitate greater cross sector business opportunities, and better supply chain visibility, with competitively priced services providing demonstrable value for money.

Achilles TransQ Accreditation

Services will include:

  • A seamless assurance, verification, management and audit service.
  • Comprehensive insights are presenting a detailed analysis of individual companies, competitors and the wider industry.
  • Access to global cross sector supply chain opportunities.
  • Innovative, new to market audit modules including diversity and inclusion, sustainability, CSR and Modern Slavery.

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