What Exactly Is Cybersecurity, and Why Is It So Critical?

As more businesses become increasingly reliant on cloud computing, cybersecurity is continuing to increase at a rapid pace, making cloud jacking a big threat to all organisations.

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What Exactly Is Cybersecurity, and Why Is It So Critical?

According to the Sophos 2020 Threat Report, misconfiguration will be the root cause of the vast majority of cybersecurity-related problems. It doesn’t matter whether you manage a small or large organisation; data security is always a major problem. It is critical that you take action immediately to protect your company. Throughout this post, you will find important information about cybersecurity, as well as the steps you should take to keep your company safe.

What is the definition of cybersecurity?

Network and system security, as well as other digital structures, are defined as the process of protecting networks and systems from malicious attacks. By 2021, it is expected that cybercrime will have caused damages in excess of $6 trillion. It should come as no surprise that financial institutions, hospitals, technology companies, and government agencies are investing significant resources in comprehensive cybersecurity frameworks. When it comes to protecting their enterprises and the massive amount of client data entrusted to their care, they have no choice but to go the extra mile.

What is the significance of cybersecurity?

Recent years have seen enormous media coverage of data breaches involving two or three million persons, which has put the data of millions of people at jeopardy. At the moment, cyber-breach incidents affect millions, if not billions, of individuals and businesses. According to a survey published by Forbes, around 4.1 billion data were compromised in the first six months of this year. According to a survey published in 2020, there are approximately seven million data intrusions per 24 hours, with 56 records exposed every second of the day. On the basis of these numbers, a computation shows that 2,555,000,000 (2.55 billion) records are vulnerable to assault each year.

Due to the increasing number of organisations and individuals conducting their social lives online, cybersecurity has grown into a massive industry. Because of developing technologies, such as self-driving cars and web-enabled home security systems, the dangers of digital crimes are becoming significantly more real. When it comes to cybersecurity, Jon Kamyck, Associate Dean of Programs for Cybersecurity at Southern New Hampshire University, has stated, “We’re seeing enormous demand for cybersecurity practitioners,” as more institutions take steps to protect their systems from hacking.

From the perspective of business risk, data penetration is a major source of concern for every organisation, large or small. The vast and diverse risks businesses face as a result of being a victim of a cyber-breach are destructive to their income and reputation, and the costs of dealing with the aftermath can be prohibitively expensive. The following are some of the potentially devastating consequences of a cyber-breach:

There has been a financial loss.
It has been estimated that the average cost of a digital security breach in a publicly traded firm has been $116 million since 2011, according to an audit analytics report on cyber security breaches in public organisations. An expense of this nature has a long-term financial impact on the firms involved. If a cyber-breach occurs, the financial ramifications for the organisation are numerous and varied depending on its type. Organizations that experience cyber infiltration may be forced to deal with the costs of containing the breach and compensating impacted customers, which could result in an increase in the cost of security and a probable drop in the value of the company’s stock.

Consequences on a legal level
Being hacked not only poses a direct threat to the sensitive information that businesses rely on, but it also puts them at risk of being embroiled in a lengthy legal struggle. Data breaches involving a person’s personal information frequently result in litigation, and cyber-breach settlements have resulted in millions of dollars in payouts to victims in recent years. Target, Home Depot, and Neiman Marcus are just a few of the notable names on the list. Organizations may incur even greater expenses as a result of lawsuits, which will incur more legal bills in addition to the settlements. Depending on the circumstances, they may be barred from doing certain surgeries until at least the investigations are completed, which may result in other long-term problems.

Detriment to your company reputation
The damage to your copmany reputation that can result from a cyber-attack can be severe. In a world where news, especially bad news, spreads more quickly than ever before, it would be easy for your clients to form negative perceptions about your company’s reputation. Recent research in the United Kingdom, entitled “The Impact of Data Breaches on Reputation and Share Value,” found that 65 percent of those who have suffered a data breach said that they had lost faith in the organisation as a result of the threat. It went on to say that a large proportion of these victims indicated that they were likely to tell others about their ordeal, with some even resorting to social media to vent their fury. This might jeopardise the relationship between a company and its consumers, and it can put you at the whim of competitors who will take advantage of any opportunity to win your business.

These concerns provide compelling justification for your firm to invest in appropriate management systems to protect its data and its consumers from potential hackers or breaches of information security. There are only a few noteworthy organisations that supply appropriate cybersecurity technologies, but JVR Consultancy, which has received CyberEssentials accreditation, is one of them.

JVR Consultancy Services

All of the issues listed above may appear to be hard, but they are fundamental security issues that are simple to resolve. With the help of JVR Consultancy, you can equip yourself to take your company’s security to the next level by being assessed and certified as a Cyber Essentials qualified professional.

Cyber Essentials is sponsored by the government, which is why it’s critical to get in touch with us as soon as possible for a free audit of your present systems and a road map for how to proceed in the most effective way for you. As one of just a handful of consultancies in the United Kingdom to be recognised by the IASME Consortium in cooperation with the National Cyber Security Centre, we can examine your application and certify you as Cyber Essentials ready if you meet the requirements. In addition, we provide critical guidance that will increase your chances of completing the task successfully on the first try.

Please get in touch with us right away to arrange your free Cyber check.

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