Is it Cybersecurity or Cyber Security?

It is likely that you will have seen both ‘Cybersecurity’ and ‘Cyber Security’ written down, so which is it? If you’ve searched for either one, the likelihood is that you have received results that include different spellings of the word. So, is there a preferred spelling? Do they mean the same thing? If they don’t, in which instances should they be used and how?

It can be a difficult one to answer as the spelling you see most may also depend on where you live. American style tends to favour cybersecurity as one word, while the British style often uses cyber security as two words. But either way, the definitions mean the same.

The Associated Press mandates it is a single word which is the same as many of the online dictionaries consulted, so does this mean that’s the answer? And according to TechTarget, the term: “Cybersecurity (which is based outright on American grammar/spelling choice) is the body of technologies, practices, and processes designed to protect computers, programs, networks and data from damage, attacks or unauthorized access. In the context of computing, the term security implies cybersecurity.”

However, the Economictimes which uses British grammar/spelling style defines Cyber Security as: “the techniques of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorised access or attacks that are aimed at exploitation.”

But from both definitions, the one thing that is clear is that the two terms mean the same thing.

Perhaps it’s up to the people who use it most rather than the people who take charge of the English language, and it seems that both different spelling styles are all deemed acceptable in the IT industry. While it seems that “cybersecurity” is most often used, it might depend on where you live or whether your part of an organization that simply prefers to use “cyber security” for whatever reason.

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