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The Construction industry keeps economies moving and progressing

The UK economy has seen periods of growth throughout 2020 with some sectors outperforming other areas, thanks to significant investments from the government. One such industry is the construction business. It remains an industry that can impact the lives of pretty much every person living in the United Kingdom and affects other companies, along with employment levels.

Construction work in the UK has thrived during 2020. Further funding to support this sector is vital. The construction industry is fundamental to all parts of the economy. The construction industry encompasses plenty of skills and trades. It is responsible for providing employment and developing buildings and homes we all rely on from building new houses to redeveloping hospitals and medical facilities and services to new shops, schools and more.

Construction is the sector that helps keep countries moving and progressing, oiling the cogs of society if you will. It is no stretch to say that without this sector, the UK economy and indeed our way of life will cease to exist as we know it.

Being able to bounce back from the strain of early lockdown measures and regain lost time from an inability to work has helped the industry overcome those initial challenges and see a growth in the sector once work restarted again during the summer months.

How JVR Consultancy can help your construction company

Due to the rapid developments, it makes sense that your construction company is fully accredited.

At JVR Consultancy, we can advise you on making sure your company is Certified to work with the Construction sector. We specialise in supporting you and your company with your Achilles BuildingConfidence, CHAS, Constructionline accreditations and all Audits.

Please make sure your construction company is correctly certified by allowing us to work with you while you do what you do best.

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