Boris Johnson’s investment plan in construction for the UK

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the UK construction industry, with many builds grinding suddenly to a halt and losing out on precious time, budget, and contract demands. It has put the country in a state of flux. However, there appears to be light at the end of this tunnel with a government mandate to kickstart the UK economy and get the construction industry building again.

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Recently, the government announced a plan that would help get construction workers from all scenarios back to work. Titled the Build Back Better scheme, it is a post-COVID-19 recovery plan backed by Boris Johnson designed to help the UK economy recover following such an unprecedented period of economic uncertainty and difficulty. The plan highlights the essentials required to enable a safe return from the sidelines and towards construction.

Regardless of the type of construction, whether house building, plastering or kitchen installation, among a variety of other demands, this scheme is relevant. If it is successful, it could prove a massive boost to the construction industry and the UK economy as a whole. Your business will want to capitalise on increased business, but the scheme will also make the industry more competitive, so you must ensure you have the edge over your competition. One of the best and most reliable ways to do this is to seek accreditation.

What Is Build Back Better?

Build Back Better is an investment policy developed and outlined by leading economist Dr Steve McCabe and Mike Leonard, a construction expert and founder of the Get Britain Building campaign. Its full name is Build Back Better: Covid-19 Economy Recovery Plan, and it is said that the investment will be as much as £11.27 billion for construction and building houses.

Besides the initial investment, it also includes a list of recommendations as to how this plan will be possible. These recommendations cover bases such as making home improvements, developing new properties for buyers, detailing infrastructure essentials while also preparing the next generation of construction workers. This final point is perhaps the most interesting as it will act as the spark that ignites growth for the industry but also generates income for HMRC, allowing the investment to be repaid. It is projected to create mass employment and also yield returns of £33 billion.

As Boris Johnson has encouraged construction workers to return to work, there is no better time than now to consider the accreditation for your construction firm. Not only to make up for lost time but also to demonstrate that your construction business is the one that clients should choose to work with over others.

How Will Build Back Better Benefit Construction?

The Build Back Better scheme is designed to benefit the construction industry and the UK economy in several ways. First and foremost, it is historically proven that investment in construction is the driving force behind a strong economy. The reasons for this are plentiful, but primarily, it is because the UK will develop the majority of its building materials. With this in mind, it doesn’t just create jobs in the direct construction of properties and buildings, but also the supply line before construction begins.

Considered ‘unrivalled multipliers,’ such factors can go a long way to recouping the £2 billion lost daily during the pandemic while also offering opportunities for construction workers and construction firms to cement themselves as crucial during the next year and beyond.

By using Build Back Better, the construction industry has the chance to stake its claim for new contracts and clients across the country. However, as there will be a large-scale investment, your construction firm must get the support it requires if it wants to compete with other firms for business.

As there will be significant encouragement regarding the construction of new properties and other buildings, including commercial and industrial locations, you will need to stand out amongst peers and competitors to prove that your company is the right one for the job. The way to ensure this is to seek the proper accreditation that will make your company appeal to potential clients when selecting which construction firm to work with for their next project.

What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a process that legitimises your construction business and proves to clients, investors, and others that you are capable of following crucial guidelines to ensure safe practices, consistent quality and use approved materials for your projects.

It is through accreditation that construction firms and suppliers can boost their reputation and establish themselves as the go-to company in the region. As the regulations for accreditation ensure companies meet the necessary guidelines, clients will understand that your company is one that they can trust to follow safe procedures. This gives them confidence and peace of mind in the quality of the work and means they will recommend your business to others in the future.

Types of accreditation your company may require include:
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JVR Consultancy are specialists in assisting and enabling businesses achieve accreditation across any of these areas and many more. Boost your company’s prospects in the post-pandemic arena by contacting JVR today on 01628 56 52 56 and requesting our Free Gap Analysis.

Why Get Accredited?

Increased Reputation
The reputation increase that comes from achieving accreditation will put you on a higher pedestal. If you are serious about boosting your business and achieving the growth you need to take your company to the next level, you can rely on accreditation to make this possible. A business that has proven it has the dedication to pursue accreditation will be more attractive compared to a firm that has not attempted to get accredited. This is something that will stand out within the industry so that clients will be more willing to work with you.

For the most part, construction is all about gaining exposure, but this isn’t easy to do for newer companies as they need to compete with more established businesses in the area. However, by seeking accreditation, your company can boost its exposure levels and be considered a supplier that is worth working with. Potential clients will recognise that your business is accredited, and this puts you in a strong position to win their business contracts. The more clients you gain, the higher your exposure becomes, and this all happens because you took the opportunity to get accredited.

Larger Markets
Accreditation will also enable your business to reach broader markets. You may start with a niche speciality, but as time goes on, and your business proves itself as being adept and reliable, you may have the chance to expand into markets elsewhere.  This expansion could come from shifting from local to regional, or even nationwide, and within this bigger market, you will have the opportunity to reach more clients and have the budget and investment to cope with increased demand.

Get Ahead of Competitors
Battling with competitors for construction contracts can be a frustrating affair. Despite this, your business can stand out amongst the rest by choosing to follow the requirements to become accredited. When you consider working with a new company, clients are more likely to select one that is accredited over one that is not almost every time. If your business is struggling to compete with similar construction firms in your region or the local area, accreditation could be the essential boost you need to get ahead.  As there is plenty of investment in the construction industry coming, this accreditation could be the difference-maker that you need to win those vital contracts and be trusted with taking on significant building projects in the future.

Accreditation brings you into a comprehensive network of construction firms and suppliers. By achieving this accreditation, your business will be placed on a database, and when clients are looking for a new business, yours will be one of the first they come across. From this, your business will be able to work with a wide range of clients who may come to you again if they need more work in the future. This helps you to build your business network and also work alongside supportive firms that focus on using the very best businesses around with the most exceptional and most dependable talent at the helm.

Burden of Compliance
One aspect of accreditation that is not always considered is that it will help to remove the burden of compliance. This is an essential step that gives your business one thing fewer to worry about. Instead, it allows you to offer your service and get on with assisting clients and customers. By relieving your company of such a burden, you are not shackled down, which enables you to focus on what matters most to you. JVR Consultancy is unique in this aspect, and our highly personable service includes offering advice and highlighting core values that have ensured success for our clients across years of experience.

How JVR Consultancy Can Help
JVR Consultancy is one of the most accomplished and experienced compliance advisory consultancy firms in the UK. We have a reputation of helping our clients develop and implement fully integrated Management Systems, and offering crucial support to ensure these systems help our clients achieve their potential.

If your business wants to take advantage of the large-scale investment that will soon be afforded to companies across the UK construction industry and help kickstart the UK economy following the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with JVR Consultancy today at our head office by calling 01628 56 52 56. Our experienced agents can help you understand how accreditation will help your firm to win new business contracts and increase your exposure within the industry.

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