What is a Gap Analysis?

A Gap Analysis is a method of assessing the differences in performance between a business’ information systems or software applications to determine whether business requirements are being met and, if not, what steps should be taken to ensure they are met successfully.

So how do JVR Consultancy do this?

To conduct a Gap Analysis for your project, we follow these three steps:

  1. Identify Your Future state – We identify the objectives that you need to achieve your desired accreditation.
  2. Analyze Your Current Situation. For each of your objectives, we analyze your current situation.
  3. Identify How You’ll Bridge the Gap.

To begin with, one of our expert consultants contacts you to arrange your free Gap Analysis. Once completed and we have assessed your current systems and documents,JVR provide a detailed GAP Analysis and summary report of areas where weakness exist and require improvement in order to achieve the desired accreditation the client is aiming for.

Finding out everything you can from a Gap Analysis will help you to understand what you need to adjust in the future.

To arrange your FREE Gap Analysis, please get in contact on 01628 565 256 or email us on info@jvrconsultancy.com


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