Grow Your Business Opportunities During Coravirus Pandemic

Covid-19 has hit many businesses hard. However, for others it has offered a golden opportunity to grow one’s business and tap into new markets.

Here are just a few ways in which you may be able to use the current crisis to your advantage.

Can you offer your services remotely?

With the nation being told to stay at home, many companies that once relied on physical interaction with customers can no longer operate. However, for some businesses, there could be creative ways of still serving customers remotely.

For instance, personal trainers have been hosting sessions and classes via video-call, while many restaurants have been providing takeaway delivery services. Video is ideal for allowing face-to-face interaction, while delivery services can help you to still shift products (if you don’t want to put your own employees in danger, you may be able to outsource a courier service).

At JVR consultancy, we’ve been finding ways to conduct audits remotely for over a decade. By getting creative, it’s possible to still connect to customers without being there in person.

Get your accreditation in order

Now could be the time to get accredited to a relevant scheme within your sector. Such accreditation could help you to win over new business in the future. At JVR Consultancy, we can help you to meet the right standards by conducting an audit catered to your needs. This audit can be done remotely in most cases. If a face-to-face audit is necessary, we can still help you create all the necessary documents and policies to put you in a good position for such an audit.

Although the corona virus outbreak has negatively affected many companies, we at JVR Consultancy have continued to thrive – and we want to help your business to do the same. Whether it’s a case of helping you to pull through covid-19 or a case of setting you up for the perfect post-covid-19 relaunch, our accreditation consultancy is certain to come in use.

Tap into the change of demand

If you’re able to continue business, but certain products and services aren’t selling, it could time to start focusing on the products and services that are popular – even if these aren’t usually your main area of focus.

Many retail companies have been cashing in on products like hand sanitiser, soap, face masks and toilet roll. Other unexpected products/services that are currently booming as a result of the corona virus lockdown include fitness equipment, board games, jarred food, meal prep services and arts and crafts. Ideally you want to stick to products that are related to your brand so as not to create too much confusion over your brand identity (for instance, a clothes retailer would be better off focusing on face masks and workout clothing than board games or jarred food). Take the time to do your research into products and services and consider whether they are likely to stay in demand for several months so that you’re not jumping on the bandwagon too late.

Slash unnecessary expenses

You could also use this time to run through your expenses and determine which ones are unnecessary. These unnecessary expenses could be affecting how much profit you take in.

Cancel subscriptions to software that you rarely use and stop using non-essential services that you may outsource. You may also want to shop around for new insurance and energy deals. Many companies are now offering exclusive deals that could be worth taking advantage of.

Clean up and declutter

Perhaps your workplace is in need of a deep clean or perhaps you need to restructure your filing system. You could even take this as the chance to go paperless or to clear out all your old emails and documents.

With extra time on your hands, you may no longer have a reason to put off these tasks.There may even be employees that are no longer needed for their original roles who you can delegate these jobs to in order to keep them busy. Cleaning up and reorganising could even help you to achieve accreditation – something that we at JVR consultancy can help you with.

Take the time to rebrand and revamp

Closure as a result of covid-19 could give you a chance to rebrand yourself and revamp your business. It could be a chance to replace old technology and equipment, as well as finding fresh new marketing angles.

This could include redesigning your website, designing new uniforms or refurbishing your workplace. Rebranding on revamping could even be key to helping you achieve accreditation.