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Outsourced recruitment solutions across multiple sectors

Smart business leaders know that people are vital to any organisation’s success. They know that the right people – not just with the right skills but aligned with their organisation’s culture—can make the difference between good performance and excellent performance. That is why, every day, companies around the world compete furiously to attract, engage and retain high performing talent.

Enable people and organisations to fulfil their potential

We have been delivering tomorrow’s workforce and a clear competitive advantage to organisations. With an attentive ear, a collaborative approach and unrivalled expertise, we align talent-acquisition strategies with strategic business goals to drive profits.

JVR Consultancy team delivers outsourced recruitment solutions across multiple sectors, including, Rail, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas and Utilities. Whether clients require permanent or contingent recruitment, generalist or specialist skills, we build highly customised, high-impact solutions around specific needs. To deliver an immaculate service that continually improves the client experience.

Resourcing is about meeting the demands of both today and tomorrow, so we pre-empt resource pressures and anticipate exceptional events to help clients stay ahead in an environment of continual change.

If you want to secure the talent you need to win in your marketplace, JVR Consultancy can help you do just that. Our vision is simple: to enable people and organisations to fulfil their potential through talent acquisition and management globally.

We become trusted partners to our clients.

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