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We are Achilles FPAL (Oil & Gas) Consultants

Achilles operates the supplier management community supporting the UK & European Oil & Gas industry on behalf of all the major Oil & Gas organisations. Currently standing with 81 Buyers and 3,200 suppliers.

By registering, this service enables you to pre-qualify and market your company to the entire Oil & Gas industry via Achilles. Buyers are more likely to choose Suppliers who have FPAL because they will be able to see, a supplier’s information related to products and services, financial performance, policies, and health and safety as this is made accessible to all buyers within the community. It is to these suppliers that buyers will turn as they strive to keep their exposure to risk at a minimum. Achieve FPAL accreditation is more important than ever before as Buyers are eager to minimise any possible risk.

JVR Consultancy have specialist consultants in this field who can enable your company to achieve the necessary FPAL accreditation. We offer specific consultancy within the Achilles FPAL scheme and our expertise has enabled us to help all kinds of companies.

Our experienced lead auditors can assist you in solving any problems you may have prior to your audit date to ensure that all your policies and manuals are to Achilles standards. To prevent you having to go through the whole process of becoming accredited by re-auditing, we ensure that strategies are in place to prevent this from happening. JVR Consultancy offers a comprehensive service to clients by allowing one of our consultants to visit your offices and assess your existing systems and produce a full gap analysis.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have via our Contact Us page and to arrange your free gap analysis.

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