What is Achilles UVDB qualification?

Achilles operates the prestigious Utilities Vendor Database Service (UVDB), used by leading UK utilities companies. Achilles UVDB accreditation entitles businesses to pre-qualify, using one questionnaire to market themselves across the whole industry. By achieving Achilles UVDB qualification, businesses can connect with the top utilities organisations.

The Achilles UVDB system was created to allow utility buyers and suppliers to seek out contracts. The UVDB scheme uses a coding system to allow suppliers to register for the correct types of contract. The idea is that buyers can choose from a list of prequalified suppliers, who’ve proven their services to be of an impeccable standard.

Achilles works with all the major utility buyer companies, including Thames Water, SSE, and National Grid. Achilles UVDB accreditation involves a pre-qualification questionnaire and strict auditing process. The scheme requires the highest standards from both suppliers and buyers, which is why UVDB accreditation is so widely recognised.

Why is Achilles UVDB accreditation important for businesses?

Finding and securing business partners can take a great deal of time and money, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Achilles UVDB qualification allows suppliers to improve their services; measure performance; and streamline connections with buyers in their sector. The Achilles UVDB scheme allows suppliers to gain eligibility for a huge range of contract opportunities. Suppliers no longer need to complete a separate pre-qualification process for each contract.

What are the benefits of achieving UVDB qualification?

There are many other benefits to achieving Achilles UVDB qualification. The single pre-qualification procedure makes the process of securing contracts faster. Achilles represents the best utility buyers in the industry, by working with the top buyers, you’ll reduce risk to your business. The UVDB qualification scheme allows you to find new opportunities in your industry, with ease.

As the market evolves, utilities suppliers must pay close attention to new technologies and stringent regulations. Gaining UVDB accreditation can help suppliers to keep up with the compliances and demands of the industry.

The process of audits and assessments offers advantages to both the supplier and the buyer. Utility buyers can gain access to trustworthy data, monitor trends in performance, and seek to improve standards. According to Achilles, ‘suppliers that have been audited by us have fatality rates lower than the UK standardised average.’ For suppliers, audits can help to prove evidence of compliance. Your business will benefit from a detailed assessment of factory standards, carbon emissions, sustainability, environment, health, and more.

What’s involved in the Achilles UVDB accreditation?

The first step is to go to www.achilles.com/UVDB and select ‘join this community.’ The initial stage involves providing details about your business, contact info, and the service codes which represent your offers. At this stage, you are required to pay for an annual subscription. You will receive an email with an activation link, using the link you can fill in a pre-qualification questionnaire.

The next stage of accreditation is the UVDB Verify assessment. This stage is not always mandatory; it’s specifically for companies whose services carry significant operational risk. This involves an Achilles UVDB audit across areas of corporate social responsibility, safety, health, and environment quality. The process provides your company with feedback and advice; demonstrates your standards and abilities to clients; and heightens your credibility in the sector. Before your audit, you will receive a document outlining what the assessment will entail. Studying this document thoroughly will help you to prepare for the rigorous standards involved.

How can JVR support you?

At JVR we help businesses to achieve compliance and accreditation, we provide implementation, management system development and support. JVR offers a wide range of services to support businesses with Achilles UVDB qualification. We have trained Achilles Consultants who can offer advice to help you achieve accreditation. At JVR, our auditors can assist you in ensuring that your manuals and policies are up to standard. We will work with you before your Achilles audit to make sure that you are fully prepared for your assessment. Several consultants at JVR have worked as Achilles Auditors previously, so rest assured we understand how to help you become fully compliant.

We will conduct an assessment of your systems and provide you with a detailed gap analysis to help you improve your current performance. A gap analysis is designed to bridge the gap between your current company status and gaining accreditation. Using this tool we will determine the exact steps you need to take to achieve your Achilles UVDB qualification.