CHAS was created in 1997 by health and safety professionals to improve the overall health and safety standards across the UK.​ Once you have become CHAS certified, you must be audited annually to achieve and maintain your HSE’s Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) standard.

CHAS stands for Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme and is a pre-qualification programme that allows businesses and local authorities to prove that you have the minimum standard requirements.
Whilst the CHAS assessment scheme is a government-backed scheme, it can be used by any company who is looking to shortlist their suppliers and contractors as well as saving time and money for all involved.

The benefits of being CHAS certified, other than the fact that it is a leading highly recognised standard within its right, is that you save a lot of time with pre-qualification for other businesses and the fact that if you are CHAS certified, more companies with work with you, therefore enhancing your growth and opportunity abilities. It also enables you to go after and win larger contracts, having CHAS.

Furthermore, CHAS also shows that you are fully compliant with the health and safety requirements and therefore improves health and safety best practices. The time it takes to assess a business’s health and safety ability is very time-consuming and can take some time to complete the process. We take all that time and resource away from you and support with filling out the application and going through the correct process speedily and productively for our clients.

We recognised that by becoming CHAS certified, this would reduce the number of problems you’ll face along the way. Once you have achieved your CHAS standard, companies will be looking for a contractor they know will meet their needs. Some of our consultants are CHAS Auditors, hence they understand the full process in what it takes to become full compliant within this scheme.

To apply for your CHAS application today, get in touch and our specialist CHAS consultant will be happy to support and offer you free advice and support with any questions you may have before we start the CHAS application process on your behalf.


Our services are tailored to meet individual company requirements and to take the stress out of the process by implementing a professional service that will ensure delivery and meet your specifications.

Contact us to discuss any requirements you may have and to arrange your free analysis report with a CHAS specialist consultant to determine what next steps are required to achieve your CHAS certification.

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