Achilles UVDB Registration Service

For those working as part of the supply chain and dealing with utilities, the UVDB Registration is something you must look into. For the majority of the industry, you can not expect to promote your products effectively without UVDB registration and accreditation. If you want to promote the transparency of your business and increase your opportunities within the industry while also mitigating risk and ensuring that you meet industry standards, it’s essential to sign up for UVDB registration and complete the pre-qualification questionnaire.

What is Achilles UVDB?

Achilles UVDB (Utilities Vendor Database) is the pre-qualification system for the utility sector in the UK. It is designed to help manage and mitigate risks in the supply chain to ensure consistent high-quality and guarantee that all industry standards are met.

What is the UVDB Registration Service?

UVDB Registration allows your company to join a community of suppliers and companies within the utility industry. It enables you to collaborate with them and promote the service you offer. The Registration Service is straightforward and easy to manage, and you will be able to complete it within a few hours provided you have all the necessary documents and information readily available.

What Steps Are Included?

Registering with our UVDB service is simple, and you can get everything finished in just 4 simple steps. These steps are:

  • Register your information
  • Fill out a questionnaire
  • Validate your information
  • Publish your profile

To make sure the process runs smoothly, and you can set up your business with our UVDB Registration Service, it’s best to prepare all the documents and information that we require. You will need:

  • Company information (Name, Address, Website, Tax Number, Registration Number, Copy of Company Registration Certificate)
  • Certificates (Quality Management, Environment and Health and Safety)
  • List of products and services (what you supply and what regions you supply it to)
  • Financial information (turnover from the previous year, the number of staff in your enterprise)
  • Policies (Corporate social responsibility, environmental management, health and safety, QMS)
  • Contact details (Business and administration contacts)

The application takes just 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and you will receive an invoice for the subscription service. Once this is paid, we will send you an Activation code to get you started on the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ).

The PQQ stage will usually take around 2 to 3 hours and requires you to submit information regarding Finances, Health, Safety, and Environment, Quality Management, Insurance, Products and Services, Corporate Social Responsibility, and legal information. If you run into any trouble, our qualified and experienced team are available to help you navigate any part of the process that you struggle with completing.

There are 5 subscription levels to choose from, which you can select depending on the number of product codes you want to promote to potential buyers in the UVDB community.

Why Is It So Important?

Like any industry, the utility sector strives to maintain high standards through every level. The UVDB registration gives you a direct line to the entire sector by merely completing a single questionnaire.

By achieving UVDB accreditation through the UVDB registration process, you can connect to a vast range of utility companies and tender contracts for unique and specific demands. This is an excellent way for businesses to reduce costs, time, and administrative workload so your business can boost efficiency and productivity.

What Is Achilles?

Achilles is designed to help utility companies collaborate, promote products and services, and maintain the high standards expected within the industry. This is accomplished through the Utilities Vendor Database Supplier Management Service. It works on behalf of all significant UK utilities organisations.

Why Should Your Business Become UVDB Accredited?

A business such as yours can benefit significantly by joining UVDB. It gives your company the chance to demonstrate what you can do. It also provides the opportunity to gain access to a wide range of contract possibilities. By joining UVDB, you can stand in the same arena as established utility buyer organisations, including Thames Water, SSE, and National Grid.

The UVDB community is an invaluable way for businesses in the utility industry to find a variety of business opportunities in a neutral and collaborative environment.

If you want to increase promotion for products and services, UVDB registration can help you achieve this. With these promotional efforts, you can discover buyers and access tender opportunities. Likewise, you can also demonstrate your suitability for meeting industry demands and standards thanks to the pre-qualification questionnaire.

Our Achilles UVDB Registration Service provides specialist consultants that are experienced and dedicated to helping your business become accredited. Feel free to contact us today to learn more.