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Client Testimonial – CHAS

As a growing contractor  working with tier 1 clients it is vital that we maintain the highest level with Contractors PQQ. While we were coping the burdens paperwork they required was constantly growing.

We reached out to JVR Consultancy and were astonished and the speed of turnaround and quality of service.

Just as importantly was that the quality of policies and procedures they produced for us was outstanding. They are a valuable tool in how we manage and organise our company

I would recommend to anyone dealing with CHAS and the like that they pick up the phone to JVR Consultancy. The cost is easily justified by the time saved on in house administration.

Raj Muthurajah, Safety Advisor / Training manager

To find out more about becoming CHAS Accredited, please click the link below to access further information:

Bespoke training courses to suit your specific needs

In addition to helping you design, document, implement, and operate a simple management system, we also provide internal audit training and representation during your certification audits.

Our clients have the use of our lead consultant’s details for the competent persons for Health, Safety, and Environment and Quality Management. The lead consultant can also be made available during re-audit if required.



Matt Whiteman

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