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Client Testimonial – Cyber Security Essentials

My long term experience (5 years) with JVR Consultancy has been second to none. I consider them an extension of my business and a trusted partner. I simply couldn’t recommend them enough. They are a friendly, engaging team and their collective experience is formidable.

Most recently (June 2021) I engaged Steven and his Cyber consultant Thomas to help me become Cyber Security Essentials Certified. The whole process couldn’t have been handled more smoothly or gone any better. After an initial remote consultation, Thomas then walked me through the entire process, explaining his role and all the benefits of becoming certified. Free insurance as well!! Once I completed my bits I then handed over the reins to Thomas who then prepared my submission and dealt with any queries from the review board (just a couple if I recall). Thomas kept me informed of progress regularly and Steven kept in touch to ensure I was happy at every stage. Couple of weeks later I received my certificate and claimed my free cyber insurance.

The list of questions in the submission is pretty extensive. So for anyone who isn’t technically minded then I would say you’ll quickly become overwhelmed without someone like Thomas to lean on. Thomas simplified the process and took away all the pain of dealing with the reviewers. No doubt I’d still be going through the process right now without his help.

I would highly recommend JVR Consultancy.

Steven and Thomas, my sincere thanks.

Matt Whiteman – Creative Directory WEBxMedia

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In addition to helping you design, document, implement, and operate a simple management system, we also provide internal audit training and representation during your certification audits.

Our clients have the use of our lead consultant’s details for the competent persons for Health, Safety, and Environment and Quality Management. The lead consultant can also be made available during re-audit if required.



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