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Client Testimonial – Achilles BuildingConfidence

DACC Europe Ltd are a construction company based in Cannon Drive, London. E14. They are a leading structured cable and infrastructure provider.

DACC Europe were two weeks away from their Achilles BuildingConfidence audit when they contacted JVR Consultancy. They needed a company who could take over the whole process and manage the audit to ensure success.

Here is what DACC Europe had to say about our service –

We are delighted that we chose to work with JVR Consultancy. From the moment we first spoke to their experts, we realised that they would be successful in the audit given the tight timescales. We were delighted when we were successful, and they kept to their fixed price, enabling us to budget the whole project perfectly.
DACC Europe is so impressed with the service that we are now working with JVR Consultancy on other projects & will strongly recommend them to any company who require assistance with their accreditations.

Reference from David Long Commercial Manager.

Achieved the Achilles BuildingConfidence accreditation.

DACC Europe

Bespoke training courses to suit your specific needs

In addition to helping you design, document, implement, and operate a simple management system, we also provide internal audit training and representation during your certification audits.

Our clients have the use of our lead consultant’s details for the competent persons for Health, Safety, and Environment and Quality Management. The lead consultant can also be made available during re-audit if required.



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