Top Reasons to Hire a JVR Consultant for Achilles Accreditation

For businesses operating within the construction, oil and gas, utilities, and rail sectors, it is critically important to achieve—and maintain—Achilles accreditation. Achilles supports a network of over 175,000 suppliers across these high-risk sectors by ensuring they meet or exceed the standards of more than 800 buyers across the UK who seek to minimise cost, compliance, and risk in their procurement procedures.

Businesses are held to increasingly stringent standards by stakeholders across these industries, who are tasked with ensuring their supply chains adhere to the highest calibre—not only in terms of provided value, performance, and regulatory compliance, but also in their ethical and environmental practices. By achieving Achilles accreditation, vendors working in support of these industries can demonstrate to their customers their commitment to maintaining the values demanded of them.

Why JVR Consultancy is the Right Choice

JVR Consultancy provides unparalleled service to businesses seeking these all-important accreditations. Our compliance consultants have more than 135 years of collective experience, and both within the UK and abroad, JVR Consultancy is one of the most relied-upon names in advisory consultancy. We take pride in our excellent reputation for the development and implementation of fully integrated management systems.

In addition to developing management systems for our clientele, we also offer a full suite of related services: we advise on qualifications, ensure audit readiness, develop and implement policies and procedures, conduct gap analysis, provide guidance and support for certification and recertification, and offer general business consultancy.

An Enduring Commitment to Value and Service

Based throughout the UK, our consultants support a diverse array of clients in meeting the compliance criteria integral to the success of their businesses. We can help ensure accreditation in Achilles UVDB (the Utilities Vendor Database maintained by Achilles), Achilles RISQs (the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme supplier assurance programme), and/or the Achilles BuildingConfidence scheme relied on by buyers across the construction industries to ensure their vendors are of the highest quality and compliant with all regulatory standards. Our consultants will work with your business as if it is their own, providing unrivaled commitment, care, and professionalism.

At JVR, we take great pride in being one of the UK’s most established, cost-effective Achilles support consultancies, and we always work with our clients on a fixed-fee basis, ensuring there will be no nasty surprises in hidden fees or cost overruns. Customers of JVR consultancy can rest easy knowing that they will be guided towards full compliance in any of the sought-after accreditation schemes without having to bear exorbitant or unexpected costs.