Principal Contractor in the Rail Industry

What is a Principal Contractor?

A Principal Contractor (PC) is the primary contractor who holds the responsibility for the construction phase of a project involving more than one contractor. They are appointed by the client to project manage the overall health and safety throughout the completed work, this may be on the construction site or away from it.

Are you a Principal Contractor?

PCs hold a significant role within the project. They manage the overall wellbeing of the risks to health by creating and monitoring a health and safety file, site rules, prevent unauthorised access by those that are not permitted to be on site for the construction work. Therefore, they must have the highest standards of skill, knowledge, experience and be highly methodical in their work ethics.

What are the responsibilities of a Principal Contractor?

The role ensures that the health and safety risks for each person working on the project are accounted for; Especially for those who work on site. This also includes members of the public. They manage, monitor and coordinate the safety of everyone, whereby the measures of a safety plan are in place to safeguard everyone.

Also, they must submit a detailed construction phase plan before the project begins, with planning and managing regular review meetings to ensure the organisational capability to carry the program is on course and still in line with the project objectives. Also, they must provide that the current ‘Construction (Design and Management) otherwise known as CDM regulations are adopted.

Furthermore, they also need to ensure that each person they employ has the correct and relevant skill set to support the project concerning their health and safety. Meaning, onsite training and inductions are carried out adequately, all steps are put in place to prevent any unapproved access to the site.

Become a PC in Rail

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